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B Town Sound School of Music



B Town Sound is launching our very own school of music this September 2015.  We are extremely excited to be expanding our Studio to include developing young talent.  We love working with singers/musicians of all ages and styles of music.


We are set to create a different experience than other music schools.  The Studio is such a unique facility for live recording and events that we utilize the entire space as part of the school. 


Each week students will study privately with professional working musician-teachers to develop their skills.  At the end of each semester, we will be recording students individually in our Studio, where other local to famous musicians have recorded.


Then they will have a concert before Christmas and at the end of the school year.  We will be photo documenting each student's recording sessions and taking professional photos the day of their concert when all dressed up and ready for stage.


Finally at the end of the school year we will deliver a fully edited video of all the footage we have filmed over the school year of recording sessions, concerts, and classroom lessons, all set to the student performed audio recording!





  • No HST as lessons are tax exempt


  • Lesson hours Monday - Thursday 3:30pm - 9:00pm


  • Saturdays - 11:30am-3:30pm


  • Closed Fridays & Sundays


  • Monday lessons will be a lower fee (many holidays on Mondays and will not be including in the tuition)


  • One make-up lesson allowed per semester with 24 hours notice of cancellation


  • All missed lessons by Teacher will be made-up before the end of each semester




Included in the Annual Tuition Fee:


  • Weekly Music Lessons

  • 3 Songs Recorded, Edited, Mixed, Mastered

  • Christmas Recital

  • Documentary Photography/Videography

  • 2 Professional Photo Shoots

  • CDR, wav., mp3, jpeg files

  • End of Year Recital

  • 1 Fully Edited Music Video of Entire Year's Accomplishments!

  • 15% discount for students/parents for all of our services such as, additional recording sessions, private events, photo shoots, rehearsals, videos.




1st Semester Tuition Breakdown:

(Mon, Sept. 14th - Sat, Dec. 19th, 2015)


  • $30 per 1/2 hour lesson


  • Mondays (13 weeks - Thanksgiving) = $390 Total


  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays     (14 weeks) = $420 Total



Monthly fee breakdown:


  • Mondays: Sept. = $90, Oct. = $90, Nov. = $150,    Dec. = $60


  • Tuesdays: Sept. = $90, Oct. = $120, Nov. = $120, Dec. = $90


  • Wednesdays: Sept. = $90, Oct. = $120, Nov. = $120, Dec.= $90


  • Thursdays: Sept. = $60, Oct. = $150, Nov. = $120, Dec. = $90


  • Saturdays: Sept. = $60, Oct. = $150, Nov. = $120, Dec. = $90


  • Monthly and Semesterly pre-authorized payment options

Contact School Admissions:  Robyn Pauhl | Studio & Event Manager | 905 308 0026

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