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A.D.D. | The Artist Development Division

What is A.D.D?

Well it is Attention Deficit Disorder - the inability to concentrate and/or The Artist Development Division. They kinda go hand in hand.


Have you ever met a musician who doesn't have A.D.D.?


In our Artist Development Division we take the burden away, while you remain creative and focused on writing, recording, and performing. We guide you from the ground up with the business aspects of being an Artist or Band.


From grant writing to music and video productions to photo shoots and social media, we are the missing link in your struggles to getting ahead and staying on track with your goals when you feel like you are alone and without a plan. Whether you are just starting out or relaunching your career, we are the crew on the path to your vision. 


Send us an email about yourself as an Artist or Band and we can discuss how B Town Sound can help develop your career!

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